Ingesting music

UPDATED 1/23/24 kw

Here is a quick overview of how to ingest music into Rivendell:

Pick a song you wish to import. All music is now imported into the KFM_Music group.

If RDLibrary isn’t open, then click the green icon on the “favorites bar” left side of the main screen.

When the window opens, click on the ADD button at the bottom left.

A dialog box will open up with some options. Select the appropriate the KFM Music group. You will not need to add a title at this point.

In the new window, click IMPORT on the lower right side. In the next window, click SELECT and navigate to the Desktop folder the music is in. Click the IMPORT button. You should next see the IMPORT COMPLETE window. If you get an error, stop and notify Kris. Ok the COMPLETED window.

It should return you to the Edit Cart window. If there are any missing fields (Title, Artist, Album, Year) be sure to fill those in accurately.

Click SCHEDULER CODES and add the appropriate tags.

Next, click EDIT MARKERS. Using the interface, set at a minimum the Start (RED) and End (RED) markers to the beginning and end of the music. This will help to cut down on the dead air between songs. Next if the beginning of the song has some TALK space, right click and select “Add Talk Markers” and set them appropriately. Go to the end of the song and set the Segue markers. This helps the computer decide where to start fading the song into the next song. Once all of the markers have been set, click OK

Double check that everything is correct in the metadata and group.

Click OK

Delete the original song from the desktop folder.

In RDLibrary, click the PLAY button and listen to the song to ensure that it does not contain any inappropriate content if you are not familiar with the song.

Rinse, wash repeat.